Wednesday, August 5, 2009

“Toward the dictatorship of ignorance …”

French filmmaker (and president of Institute Lumiere) Bertrand Tavernier has signed Save Film @ LACMA's petition. His comments:

"LACMA is (I cannot write was) one of the most important, creative institutions. Its film programming was always exciting, challenging, different. LACMA was one of the only places where you could have a program about the French films made during the Nazi Occupation, a great [opportunity] to speak of the Resistance and the selling out.

You could see great American masterpieces and underrated gems. For me, LACMA was the pride, the honour of Los Angeles. It was an Oasis remembering us that the past is not dead. It is not even past. To cancel the film program is a very important sign and symbol. An act of allegiance, submissiveness towards the dictatorship of the present, towards the dictatorship of ignorance."

You can read more about this wonderful filmmaker here at Wikipedia.

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